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Computer Networks

Foxhall can assist you with:

cabled Local Area Networks - including Macs & PC's.
Wide Area Networks to connect Branch offices and remote users. - we have customers nationwide.
Virtual Private Networks connect offices & users across those WAN's - becoming an integral facility in many business networks.
Wireless LAN's using state-of-the-art Routers, Bridges and Access Points - very flexible, and we have experience of some challenging locations.

Is yours, a Network, or a Not-Work?

Networks make sharing of information and resources easy. People have fast and simple access to company resources, such as the printers, documents, files and e-mails they need to do their job. A Network is an enabler, improving the abilities, output and quality of your TEAM...

Together, Everybody Achieves More....

To maximise productivity and business investment Voice and Computer networks are essential. Networks are vital tools in modern business, whether they are used to connect the people in your office, the people in your branch offices, home offices, or to get you closer to your customers.

Foxhall Solutions will install a robust network that will carry information to the desktop, securely and with minimum disruption to your everyday business. We will also install remote access applications to allow home and remote working via the Internet.

You can begin to work very differently - both at and away from your office - with the right Broadband service in place, the right choice of Broadband Router, and the right Telephone System.

Please read about "The Best Data Networks" in our brochure.

What our customers say:

IT is a difficult subject, Foxhall were precise and clear as to how it would work.

Clothing Company, Needham Market

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