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Gadget's Tips

Foxhall Solutions have their own Gadget

At Foxhall, Gadget is  a Blue Merle Border Collie, born on 15th June 2006. It's a bit of a mouthful but his Kennel Club name is Dellekko Rockafella, but it's much easier to just say "Come here Gadget."

As well as being part of the Foxhall team, Gadget is deployed onto showgrounds in East Anglia, to win ribbons in competitive obedience events.

In his spare time he sniffs out useful bits of information for his Gadget's Useful Computer Tips section in our monthly newsletter.

Have a look at the tasty morsels listed below...


Take a Screen Snapshot

Sometimes it just isn't possible for Gadget to download a picture he can see perfectly well on the screen. And sometimes he wants a snapshot of the whole screen (especially when he's showing one of his friends exactly how to do something).

The answer? Simple. Press the Print Screen (Prt Sc) button for a snap of the whole screen or ALT and Print Screen to snap just the current window.

Then open an image editor (like Paint or Photoshop Elements), open a new file, press CTRL and V to paste in your screen capture, and save it as a picture file.

Create a New Desktop Background

Gadget's a dog who likes variety, and he never keeps the same background on his desktop for more than a week or two.

So how does he do it?

We've been watching him - he just right-clicks on his Desktop and selects Properties. Then he clicks on the Desktop tab, picks out a new background and clicks on Apply for a whole new look to his computer.

(Vista users right-click on the Desktop and select Personalisation and then Desktop Background, browse to the picture you'd like to use, and double-click...)

Create Taskbar Shortcuts

Let's face it, Gadget is a lazy hound.

He hates scratching around inside one folder after another to find the files he wants to work on - and he likes his favourite programs and websites where he can get at them with a single click.

Luckily, the answer's simple. He just drags a file, a folder or a shortcut onto the Taskbar for quick and easy access.

Just think of it as an early Christmas present...

Change how you View File Lists

Gadget isn't keen on those fiddly little lists when he opens a folder (which may be because his claws need cutting). Despite not having any thumbs, he much prefers the thumbnail view...

Luckily, it's easy. You can change the way your files are shown in a folder in seconds. Just click on View, then choose between Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List or Details.

Check on Your Free Hard Drive Space

Gadget's been creating so many photos and videos for his friends that he's getting worried about the amount of space left on his hard drive. Luckily, he knows exactly how to check on it.

He just double-clicks on the My Computer icon on the Desktop, and right-clicks on the hard drive icon (usually drive C).

Then he clicks on Properties to see how much space he has left after creating his latest masterpiece.

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