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Foxhall Focus

At Foxhall we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment in Information Communication Technology. Each month we focus on particular issues in our newsletter Foxhall Focus.

The newsletters are listed below for you to view or download.

Efficient ICT is at the heart of business success.

Issue 49 M12 2011

How Your Business Could Win by Adopting VoIP (3)

In the last few days we've seen hurricane winds in Scotland (not to mention snow and ice in generous quantities)

So now is the perfect time to think about what your company will do if key people can't get into the office.

The answer? VoIP and remote networking: the perfect combination.

VoIP will make sure your people stay in touch, and bring along extra benefits too...

Issue 48 M11 2011

How Your Business Could Win by Adopting VoIP (2)

Ask any business owner what they need more of, and you'll usually get one (or both) of two answers - money and time!

With VoIP you'll get money and more time...

Issue 47 M10 2011

V-o-I-P Spells Cheaper Telecoms

In our last issue we saw how SIP trunks can turn one ordinary phone line into the equivalent of eight - by usig Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. But what is VoIP? How does it work?

And - most importantly- how could it substantially cut costs for your business?

Issue 46 M9 2011

SIP: Quenching the Thirst for Cheap Phone Calls

Ever thought about what happens when you make a phone call? You pick up the phone. You dial the number (or get it from memory). Someone answers (or not). And if they do, you talk. Simple.

And if you want to make more than one call on the same line? Well you can't.

Or can you?


Issue 45 M6 2011

Seven Ways VoIP Can Save You Money

Even if you've just reveiwed your telephone costs, new telephone technology like Foxhall's 3CX system could still help you pay much less - and gain extra benefits as well.

Here's how...

Issue 44 M5 2011

The Hype About Skype

When we talk about our 3cx telephone system, people often ask "Is that like Skype?"

Well, yes. And no...

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