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The question is...

Is your business getting the computer support that it really needs?

Are you struggling to get access to a knowledgeable computer service when your network isn’t working?

Would you like to be able to just ask some-one how to sort a computer problem?

Would you like the peace of mind that some one is doing the housekeeping on your network?

Flexible support options

Foxhall Solutions offer a range of support options so that we can provide a bespoke solution that will meet your every business need.

On-site desktop support
system faults, hardware failures whatever the problem Foxhall will fix it.
On-site server support
faults or failures, administration tasks or reconfigurations we ensure your server is in order.
Remote support
by utilising remote access to your system we fix most problems without leaving our seats.
Helpdesk support
if you’ve hit a problem, got a question, need some guidance Foxhall will point you in the right direction.
Fully outsourced service
our full service includes all of the above plus regular housekeeping, as well as system moves additions, deletions and changes.
Please read about our "Business Systems Service and Support" in our brochure.


We're here when you need help!

Our distinctive Foxhall Van

What our customers say:

‘Foxhall Solutions provide us with friendly, helpful, timely and efficient service.’

National Charity, Mistly

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