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Premium UCaaS services you CAN afford

Premium UCaas services you CAN afford

Foxhall Solutions is an accredited partner of ‘Connecting Britain’ – planning, deploying & supporting the globally distributed, feature-rich, and highly acclaimed NetSapiens Unified Communications system.

The NetSapiens UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform offers a robust set of features and functionalities that enable businesses to enhance their communication capabilities. It supports both traditional and modern communication channels, including PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and mobile networks.

Key features of NetSapiens UCaaS include:

Voice Services: high-quality voice services, including call routing, forwarding, conferencing, and call recording. It supports both inbound and outbound calling, as well as advanced call management features.

Video Conferencing: video conferencing capabilities, allowing users to conduct face-to-face meetings and collaborate remotely. It supports multi-party video calls, screen sharing, and document sharing.

Messaging and Presence: Users can send instant messages, both one-on-one and in groups, using the platform’s messaging functionality. It also includes presence information, which indicates the availability and status of users in real-time.

Collaboration Tools: NetSapiens offers collaborative features such as file sharing, document collaboration, and virtual whiteboarding. These tools facilitate teamwork and enable users to work together on projects regardless of their physical locations.

Integration Capabilities: NetSapiens UCaaS can integrate with other business applications and systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

Scalability and Flexibility: The platform is highly scalable, allowing you to easily add or remove users as per business requirements. It offers flexible deployment options, including private, public, and hybrid cloud models.

Analytics and Reporting: NetSapiens UCaaS provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to monitor and measure communication performance. These insights help businesses optimize their communication strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Overall, the NetSapiens UCaaS platform offers a comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration tools, empowering businesses to improve productivity, streamline operations, and deliver enhanced communication experiences to their customers.

The feature set & flexibility of NetSapiens makes it the ‘Unified Communications as a Service(UCaaS) system of choice for the company that wants to be able to adapt swiftly, easily & cost-effectively, to today’s changing business and market conditions.  Contact Foxhall for some free consultancy to talk about how a UCaaS platform can help your business …


NetSapiens UCaaS offers business benefits:

Installation of a new UCaaS system may be carried out alongside your existing phone system, without interrupting your business.

Management tools allow call-flow to be designed to meet business needs –  in and outside of business hours.

It’s less expensive to purchase, own & maintain than legacy digital or analogue phone systems (PABX).

UCaaS improves productivity with integrated & easy-to-use tools – making it possible for your customers to keep in touch no matter where you are.

Use your existing cabled (or wireless) computer network, making moves & changes cheap, quick and easy!

Many existing PBX add-on’s (e.g. Door Access control & fax), can be integrated using standard VoIP hardware.

UCaaS supports remote users, making it quick and easy to set up home-working and branch offices. Inter-office calls are then free!

Staff may choose an easy to use desk-phone, and/or a soft-phone app’ on their PC, Mac or laptop web browser.

UCaaS app’s for Apple iOS & Android turn your mobile devices into wireless WiFi extensions.

Businesses can make strategic HR decisions based on comprehensive and easily accessed system reports.

Businesses can reduce line and call costs using pre-pay plans covering calls to geo’ and mobile numbers.

Multi-party conference facilities make it easy to set up ad-hoc meetings, avoiding travel costs and delays.

Call recording and Reporting packages are standard, so you can get valuable feedback to improve the way you work with your customers.

A UCaaS network architecture enables fast & easy; Moves, Additions, Deletions & Changes – for flexibility in your business.

UCaaS integrates with and adds value to Microsoft Teams and other Customer Relationship Management [ERM/CRM] products.

UCaaS provides a professional Call Centre feature set to run Unified Comm’s for an in- or out-bound call centre of any size.

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