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Foxhall Solutions are a Yeastar reseller – accredited to plan, deploy & support Yeastar’s scalable and modular S- & P-Series VoIP Appliances. Foxhall has the partners, skills and experience to do all that’s involved in providing SIP Trunk services, with new lines and numbers – or porting existing business numbers to your new phone system. We follow this with itemised monthly call and service billing and Support packages ranging from ad-hoc to bespoke Agreements

Yeastar have been developing robust and cost-effective VoIP products since 2006. We are committed to providing your business with powerful and reliable comm’s systems for your office, and remote working.

Your business communications will extend far beyond the walls of your office building, will cost less and make it easier to keep in touch with your staff, suppliers and customers, no matter where they are based and how mobile they are.

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The flexibility of Yeastar S-Series makes it an ideal telephone system for all sizes of business. S-Series adapts swiftly, easily & cost-effectively, to the on- and off-site needs of today’s changing business and market conditions … Including the need for home and remote working.

S-Series is based on the proven Linux ‘Asterisk’ IP-PBX, and includes advanced features and facilities as standard, with straight-forward web-based configuration allowing us to set the system up for your business, and make rapid post-install changes to optimise it for you. Yeastar’s ‘Linkus‘ client makes remote working flexible, fast and simple to set up.

In addition to SIP Trunk services, S-Series appliances also accommodate a range of plug-in modular gateways allowing connection of; analogue lines, analogue extensions, Basic Rate ISDN2e, Primary Rate ISDN30, and 3G & GSM mobile channels.

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