Let me introduce the Yeastar LinkusRemote working means taking the resources that you use & access at the office, out to another location, like a home office, or even your vehicle. These resources include your telephone extension, but not necessarily the actual phone you have on your desk.

Let me introduce you to Yeastar Linkus.


Yeastar S-Series PBX & Yeastar Linkus

Foxhall Solutions is a reseller for Yeastar Information Technology. We plan, deploy and support the Yeastar S-Series IP-PBX phone systems here in the UK. ‘Linkus’ is Yeastar’s VoIP phone app that’s integrated with their S-Series PBX. Linkus allows us to put a soft-phone onto iOS & Android mobile devices and Microsoft & Apple PCs and provide a fully-featured remote working solution. Any calls to your remote devices running Linkus, take place across the Internet by-passing PSTN carriers. Therefore, internal calls and diversions remain free of charge – apart from minor costs involved in connecting to Wi-Fi or mobile data services.



Yeastar Linkus can be downloaded (f.o.c) from Yeastar’s website for Apple or Microsoft PCs, and from the App Store, or Google Play for your smartphone. A system administrator will send out an e-mail that you use to set up Linkus. The e-mail has a link to download the application software, a web URL to configure PCs – and a scannable QR code for the mobile clients. Set-up takes place in seconds providing the user with all of the directory facilities that they had at their office desk. Yeastar Linkus can use Bluetooth headsets on mobiles, and wired/wireless USB headsets, or the microphone & speakers you have on your laptop – whatever is most productive for your style of remote working.

Call Diversion

While it’s tempting to just divert calls off to staff mobiles to cover remote working, that solution is expensive! Each time an incoming call is diverted to a mobile, it’s your company that pays the bill for the diverted call – and that’s charged at carrier-to-mobile rates. Internal calls and diversions to Linkus extensions are routed over the Internet incurring no call charges! Linkus extensions are ‘clones’ of the desk-phone extensions in the office and therefore, ring along with your desk phones. If you happen to be in the office when your phone rings, you can answer it either on Linkus or the desk phone. The Linkus extensions also maintain call-flow settings so that incoming calls to groups & queues (Sales, Accounts, Support etc.), will still ring on the appropriate phones.


Yeastar S-Series PBX systems are very secure using their own configurable ‘Firewall’ (and doubly-so – in the case of Foxhall’s installations – by further use of a Draytek Firewall). However, with home working, Linkus apps can be on mobile and/or fixed Internet services with dynamic IP addresses. In that case, it becomes difficult to keep the PBX Firewall secure due to multiple address ranges needing to be open.

Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service

When you decide to make Linkus a permanent part of your telecom’s infrastructure, we recommend an upgrade to Yeastar’s ‘Linkus Cloud Service’ (LCS). This service has a small annual subscription – but provides application hosting on a protected ‘Proxy’ server on the Internet acting as a go-between for your Yeastar S-Series PBX and Linkus clients. LCS allows us to configure a single secure firewall rule that provides access from a Linkus client on mobile or fixed Internet with static or dynamic IP addressing – making your IP-PBX extremely secure and safe from hacking.

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A user guide showing the facilities of the Linkus Yeastar ‘desktop client’ can be seen here …

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