BT has given us key dates of 2020 and 2025 for the ‘cease of supply’, and ‘full switch-off’ of the analogue PSTN and ISDN networks. BT’s ISDN switch-off could affect your business if you are unaware of what that means, or currently considering purchase of a new phone system …

Why the ‘switch-off’?

Analogue copper lines and ISDN are now old technology. Over the last 10 years BT has seen a huge growth in competition from Carrier companies set up to provide high-quality and reliable telephone services using the Internet and ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ [VoIP]. Due to the nature of VoIP, Carriers can provide low-cost business services without the heavy overheads of installing and maintaining a separate analogue and digital network.

In short, BT’s ISDN product range is no longer competitive! …

A single high-speed broadband service can accommodate all web, e-mail and telecom’s requirements for your business. That broadband can range from a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) service delivered on a short copper cable run from your local street cabinet, through to a full Gigabit rated fibre-optic cable terminated at your office.

What do you need to do?

We’ve not seen any exact dates yet to tell us when ISDN services will no longer carry calls. However, you won’t be doing yourself any favours by waiting until the last minute!

If you are currently looking to buy a phone system (first step is … give us a call …), then you don’t want to consider the expensive install, rental and contract options that go with ISDN lines (even if they are still being offered to you). The bottom line is that it is possible to start making massive savings on your business costs right now! … It’s still going to cost to get a new phone system in 2025, but you can cut your monthly call and line costs by 60% to 80% from tomorrow – if you were to do that system upgrade right now!

Is VoIP a risk?

VoIP is well past being ‘bleeding-edge’ now and is both proven and a lower risk than ISDN. At Foxhall Solutions, we have been installing VoIP phone systems since 2007. The Linux ‘Asterisk’ system used in our Yeastar IP-PBX range was created in 1999 – and 3CX’s first Microsoft Windows based product release was in 2006.

asterisk-ip-pbxThe technology is well proven, but as a buyer, you need to be aware of the choices you have in purchasing a replacement for your aging digital PBX … Should it be Cloud hosted and rented, or should it be an on-premises Capital purchase? There are long-term implications on what you’ll pay and on your contractual obligations to the vendor!

While Cloud Servers and ‘hosted VoIP’ may appear to be a cheaper option than the lease and rentals you were paying on your digital PBX, it’s far from the most cost-effective option, and can also isolate you from some of the benefits of VoIP.

What’s next?

BT’s ISDN switch off is only going to be painful if you ignore the advantages of moving forward with VoIP technology and its new facilities. It will actually be expensive to wait until 2025 to upgrade! Do it now …

Contact Foxhall Solutions through our website, or by phone – 01787 320402 – and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options available to help you migrate away from ISDN and cut your business costs …