Many of us face the dilemma of needing to move within our workplace – yet we also need to answer calls from our customers without delay. We have solved this problem using cordless headsets for some time now – but those headsets have needed complicated connections to the phones to enable us to answer the call away from our desks.

One of our customers has three Physiotherapy clinics, with receptionists involved in all aspects of client greeting and management. For them, the ability to just press a button on the headset earpiece to answer a call – even when they are far from their desk – means all patients get answered quickly and there is no need to go ‘running’ back through a waiting room to answer a phone call.

Recently, I have been using the WH62 wireless headset. One of a new range of headsets from our leading VoIP provider & partner – Yealink …

The WH62 headset comes in a mono (single ear) or dual (both ears) version and uses DECT radio technology to provide clear transmissions out to around 120 metres from the base charger stand. That’s enough to cover most of a small business – or a warehouse. With a talk time of 13 hours, and a standby time of 90 hours, the headset is still usable – even if it’s been ‘accidentally’ left off the charging stand overnight. The base unit acts as the charger and transceiver for the headset and can be connected with a single USB cable to either a Yealink T5x series phone, or to a PC for use with soft-phone app’s, or with other Unified Communications applications like Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The headset is easy to connect to your Yealink phone or PC, is comfortable to wear, its noise-cancelling audio is HD quality, and it provides a clear indication to others that you are on a call. It’s easy to change the volume in your ear, and it’s also easy to mute the microphone if you need to make an aside comment to a colleague.

cordless-headsetOur Yeastar solutions use ‘Linkus’ as a soft-phone application on laptops. A similar headset that has full integration with the Linkus app’ is the Jabra Pro 930. This headset allows for remote answer of a call by simply pressing the button on the earpiece … The combination of Linkus and a Jabra headset is the ideal package to support a home worker, or staff travelling nationally, or Internationally.

The Yealink WH62 & Jabra Pro 930 headsets are examples of headsets released recently. They are providing a simple and cost-effective way to add flexibility to your business phone system.

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