As a small business (or even a large one), you will be looking for a cost-effective solution for your telecoms needs. VoIP services are now the systems of choice – But are these services going to meet your business communications requirements?

Unified Communications and cost-effective VoIP solutions

Combining different communications methods is becoming more practical, achievable and cost-effective for businesses as broadband speeds continue to improve. Communications tools like voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging content sharing, and so on can be brought together under one ‘Unified Communications‘ (UC) umbrella. 

That can’t be done using ISDN due to the limitation of copper cabling and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  It would be a costly process requiring multiple phone lines to connect your business phone system, broadband to access the Internet, multiple phone numbers in and out of your office, and so on.

UC allows you to bring up-to-the-minute software into your office to manage call routing, phone groups, recording and the many other available services. The technology built into VoIP means that you may not need multiple phone lines to deliver a service. And that means a cost-effective solution for your unified communications.

Expert Advice to build your Communications Strategy

With so much more than just a phone service available, including integrations with your office services like Office 365, it’s important to take advice on what you need. It goes without saying that you need an internet connection, and are going to make phone calls, but what are the unique features that will make your business work for you?

Speaking to an IT and communications professional will help you to bring your thoughts and business requirements together. Your chosen professional can help you to conceive, design, and deliver a VoIP system that is fit for purpose for your business. 

Here at Foxhall Solutions, we’ll find out what your business actually needs.

You could be:

  • Moving office
  • Taking on new employees
  • Scaling up
  • Scaling down
  • Getting organised before the ISDN switch off in 2025

… or any number of other scenarios. It’s not just businesses either that have complex communications needs. We work with Almshouses and social housing to improve the telephone and broadband provision in residential properties. 

Once we understand what you need, what you’ve got, and where you want to get to, we’ll put together a cost-effective proposal for you that will meet your communications objectives. That could include new hardware, software, broadband provision, phone lines, and cabling internally. But our goal is to ensure that what we propose works for your business, and is cost-effective, secure, and scaleable to suit your future needs.

Once agreed we’ll arrange the installation of your phone system. That could be a single device, software, or a more complex system. Whatever the job, we’ll manage it from beginning to end. And if you’re moving office, we can have everything ready for you the day you move in.

Finally, we’ll manage your unified communications solution including your VoIP business phones. We’ll look after cyber security, your hardware, software, and all aspects of your installation to ensure that you have a seamless, efficient experience. 

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