Foxhall Solutions announce the Beta release of iPup version 5 [a.k.a. “Keltie”].

Engineers are currently finding some wet-where(?) and firm-where(?) bugs, and downloaded log-files are proving to be interesting – especially the non-scheduled ones. Acoustic trials are continuing with some issues arising around the control of output volume. Interaction with other soft- & firm-ware versions is still a bit unpredictable, especially where data input is concerned, and in regard to which hardware peripherals are applied to what version. I/O clashes due to hardware sharing, are short but decisive – and at this time voice-activated features are pretty much turned off. Interaction with the surrounding environment can be a bit destructive at times due to sharp edges – and design Engineers are checking spec’s to see who crossed the iPup with a Swiss-Army knife?

iPup v.5 will continue its beta trial for some time – but the product is expected to expand and its features to become refined in the coming months – with new features & tricks being added during the product lifecycle.