Out with the old! – and in with the new! … is the cry – But it’s often accompanied by groans from people who need to get to grips with something quite different and to change procedures they have been used to for many years. We often see users struggling with phone systems – just because they are different – even when the new systems are actually easier to use!

But, with careful planning and understanding your existing ways of working, a phone like the Yealink T26P [illustrated], can be set up so that it operates in the same sort of way that old key systems do … “Pick up the call on line 1” may have been yelled across the room in the past – so telling somebody how to do a call transfer, just sounds strange to them. The T26P can have its keys programmed to work in the same sort of way as the key system. You want to transfer a call? … Just press a key labelled ‘Line 1’ and tell your colleague to pick it up there. They will see a flashing Line 1 key, press it, and be connected to the caller. It happens in a completely different way than it did on your old system, but the process is so similar that the new system seems like an enhancement of the old.

So while lots of new and automated features guide the calls in the background, and lines & calls cost loads less – your staff don’t have to forget everything they ever knew about handling calls for your business.
Foxhall Solutions are pleased to offer Yealink product, as they have been recognised for their growth by Frost & Sullivan – after achieving a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 83% during 2009 to 2011. Call us at 01787 228 402 to discuss how a VoIP phone system can reduce your operating costs, and increase business flexibility.