cradling-phone-badIs that phone handset literally giving you a pain in the neck? – As you hold it on your shoulder and type on your keyboard …

If you Google that scenario, you’ll find a lot of references to health & Safety in the workplace, and flat-out suggestions that it just should not be done!


So – What’s the alternative …?

Plantronics_BT40A corded headset is a good start. However, it’s amazing how much more natural and enthusiastic you can be in a phone call if you are able to stand up, walk around, and be expressive – just as though you were talking to that person right there with you. To that end, I’m using a new cordless bluetooth headset with my Yealink T46G phone. This phone has a rather nice feature in that it can be equipped with Yealink’s BT40 Bluetooth module. This in turn can then be used to connect Bluetooth cordless headsets, like you’d use with your mobile phone. There are a set of tested and compatible headsets for this feature of course, and I recently chose the Plantronics Voyager Legend UC headset for my office.

The headset can either be charged through a USB connection off your PC, or from a small charging stand off a mains power adapter. It will give an impressive seven hours talk time off a complete charge which takes just 90 min’s. Set-up on the T46G phone is quick and simple. Just insert the BT40 into the back of the phone, and then use the menu to enable it, then find and connect it to your headset. Being Bluetooth, the headset is a ‘local’ device, with a range of about 10 metres – so this is not a walk-round-the-building solution! (we can get longer ranges with DECT cordless headsets if you need that feature though …).

EXP40-636A VoIP phone and cordless Bluetooth or DECT headset is the ideal combination for any situation where people need to operate a keyboard at the same time as making or taking calls, where they may need to get up and get customer records while talking to a caller, or when they might just want to wave their arms around as they go through that important sales proposal. The talk-time of this headset also means that it would be perfect for a Receptionist who answers and passes on calls for a business (even where call volumes are high). In that situation, we can also equip the T46G phone with EXP40 add-on modules to provide one-touch call transfer off to every extension in your business.

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