Mobile phone operators such as O2, EE, Vodafone and Three – have introduced European ‘roaming charges’ for those mobiles registered on UK networks. Those charges will be applied to UK mobiles operating on European voice & data networks.

Before the UK left the European Union, UK citizens could use their monthly call, data & text allowances while in twenty-eight EU countries, with no additional charges.

However, Foxhall Solutions customers don’t need to worry about roaming charges when on holiday or doing business in Europe.

Foxhall can provide you with a VoIP App that runs a ‘clone’ of your desk-phone back in your UK home or office. While your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the Internet (through Wi-Fi or mobile data), the App can make or take calls from your company’s UK based 3CX or Yeastar phone system from anywhere in the world. Since that call is connecting across the Internet, the cost of the incoming or outgoing call is zero!

There are several advantages to running a VoIP App on your mobile phone:

  • The VoIP App will connect and register with your business phone system from anywhere you can connect your mobile to a Wi-Fi or mobile data service. (Note though, that use of mobile data services in Europe will incur roaming charges).
  • Colleagues can call your extension number (or press a DSS key) to be connected to you if you are in or out of the office.
  • Customers can have a single Direct Dial Inward (DDI) number for you. Their call will get to you if you are in or out of the office.
  • Calls from a mobile App extension to the office are tariff-free.
  • Calls from any office extension to the mobile App are tariff-free.
  • Outbound calls from your mobile App will show your business number and not reveal your personal mobile number.
  • Incoming calls diverted out to a mobile App extension from the UK office do not incur outbound call charges for your company, or local/International tariffs for the caller.
  • You can engage DND and even push calls directly to voicemail during meetings, and then easily access your voicemail when convenient.
  • If needed, you can retain your role as a member of a call group (e.g. Customer Support), and take calls from a queue or group as you would back in the office.
  • The VoIP App provides a very quick, easy and effective way to push business phone services out to home workers. That’s especially relevant in this time of COVID-19.

Your UK phone system can be configured to give fall-back options. That means calls attempting to get to the ‘extension’ while it is out of Wi-Fi range, will fall-back to using the standard mobile networks.

Mobile roaming charges increase in the EU … So what!

With free calls to and from mobiles in Europe, that’s one thing that’s not going to impact your travel budget …

Call us if you’d like to find out more about this technology and the flexibility & cost-effectiveness of modern business telephone systems.