Moving office can be a daunting task, but modern VoIP phone systems will take some of the headaches away.

There’s enough to worry about when you move your business, but Foxhall Solutions can take on the management of moving your telecoms, broadband, and networking so that when you and your team arrive at your desks on day 1, you’re ready to go!

Here’s how we can help when you’re moving office

Your new site can be surveyed before moving

  • We’ll determine what your broadband availability will be in your new premises.
  • We’ll then arrange the install of a line and broadband service that will support your business needs.
  • That service will cover both computers and phones.
  • We’ll have that line and broadband live for you at least two weeks before moving office.
  • We’ll test the service and connect it to your central network and cabling to make it operational.

If you already have a VoIP phone system

  • We’ll label the phones with each staff member’s name and put them in their box for the move.
  • Any central equipment for the phone system can be physically relocated even minutes before go-live at the new site.
  • All you’ll need to do is simply plug the phones (and the phone system), into the network at the new site, and calls will start coming in as before, on the same phone numbers.
  • Depending on who you have the services with, we will either carry out or assist, in the cancellation of the line and broadband at your old office site.

Foxhall Solutions will provide you with an itemised monthly phone bill, covering your outbound call minutes, SIP Trunk channels (lines), and broadband service.

If you don’t already have a VoIP phone system, then upgrading your phone system while you’re moving office is a simple process.

Moving Office? Book a consultation with us todayWith the changes in the telephone network currently taking place, while you’re moving office is an ideal time to upgrade your phones to take advantage of new features, lots more flexibility, productivity improvements, and much lower running costs.

When you upgrade your phone system, here’s our process

  • We’ll arrange the install of a line and broadband to cover your voice and data needs at your new office.
  • We’ll arrange ‘porting’ of your business numbers that are associated with the analogue or ISDN lines at your old office. The porting process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks but will be confirmed and scheduled to match your move date. The porting process will also ‘cease’ the lines that the numbers are taken from so no need to cancel lines and services with your current telecom provider.
  • New desk and cordless phones will be set up on a phone system that matches your existing extension numbering plan. However, your new phone will present extension ‘names’ rather than numbers, so that it’s easy to call or transfer a call to a colleague.
  • We’ll set up the daytime and after-hours call routing to match your old phone system.
  • We provide a 30-day after-sales service free of charge to make changes to enable you to get the most out of your new phone system.

With a VOIP telephone system, you’ll find a lot of things that are now possible that your phone system couldn’t do before!

Once you’ve finished moving office you’ll need to tell your customers and change addresses on your website and materials, but your phone numbers will stay the same.

So there won’t be any inconvenient changes for your customers. The numbers they have saved on their office phones and mobiles will still get through to you. The only difference is that we can now direct their call to the person or department they are most used to dealing with.

Moving office is no fun, but we can at least take one set of worries off your to-do list, and make sure that you keep in touch with your suppliers and customers through the change.

Contact us at Foxhall Solutions  … 01787 228402 … to talk about your move and keeping in touch.