Hot-Standby is for those times when no matter how we plan, and how good production runs are, there is that piece of equipment that breaks down, and usually at the most inopportune time!

Yeastar’s S-Series phone systems have a feature that allows us to configure a pair of IP-PBX appliances as a ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’, in hot-standby configuration. This means that if the ‘Active’ primary appliance fails, the secondary takes over all telephone facilities – and – although any calls in progress may be interrupted, in a few seconds, all telecom’s services will be restored to the business.

yeastar-hot-standbyOnce the two units are ‘bound’ together, system changes and edits that are made to the Primary are automatically updated on the Secondary unit to keep their configuration & system logs identical. System telephones register to a shared ‘virtual’ network address that remains active in the event of a unit failure. Yeastar’s comprehensive error reporting capability will e-mail a fail and change-over report to the system maintainer, who will carry out the appropriate replacement or repair when next convenient.

A back-up file on an SD card provides an immediate system restore to clone a replacement S-Series IP-PBX. That unit then synchronises before going back to its role in the pair.

This is an ideal configuration for a high-availability call centre – especially those operating in the Emergency services and  health and wellbeing sectors, where it’s critical to maintain a service 24×7.

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