AutoCLIP Routes is far from a glamorous feature name, but it’s something that could be really useful for your business.

You may have missed a call to your desk, but seen the ‘Caller ID’ number in the call history on your shiny new VoIP feature phone. You select the number and call it back, and you are connected to reception staff in a large company. Nobody there seems to know who called you? That’s frustrating! … From the other side, you may have had to advise your colleagues [and reception staff] that you are expecting a call back from customer ‘X’, and to put the caller through to you please …

Fortunately, we can now provide a way round those scenarios for our customers …

AutoCLIP Routes

AutoCLIP Routes‘ is a feature of our Yeastar S-Series IP-PBX.

A table of your outgoing calls is stored in your phone system, including extension details, and the numbers dialled. This routing table is then used to compare the Caller Identity of calls coming back into your business phone system, with the numbers dialled out. When an incoming Caller ID is matched with a number that you dialled, the IP-PBX will route the inbound call directly back to your extension – bypassing any reception or ring groups.

This is ideal for a missed call scenario, because it by-passes all the “who was it that called you?” questions and ring-around investigation, and connects that returned call directly to the relevant extension. A simple idea, but one that will help your business be more efficient, and professional.

DDI Numbers

As with most things in telecommunications, there is more than one way to solve a problem. We can also assign unique ‘Direct Dial Inwards‘ [DDI] numbers to some or all extensions in your phone system.

While these can be used to route inbound calls directly to users and groups, these DDI numbers can also be configured to show as the outbound Caller ID [CLI] for all calls from your extensions.  This means that the number showing in the missed call history on your customer’s phone, is yours, and will dial you directly when selected.

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