Do you consider telecommunications as a cost centre or a profit centre for your business?

If it’s not helping you be productive, then it’s probably your phone system that is causing the problems. Your staff may be finding it easier to call their colleagues and customers, on their mobiles rather than use the phone on their desk. If that’s the case, then modern IP-PBX phone systems can help you “put the Comm’s in Commerce” …

Here’s three signs that indicate you need to take a close look at your business phone system:

High Cost of Ownership
catblog1Do the incoming bills from your supplier for; maintenance, repairs, adding extra lines, and local & international call tariffs – make up a large portion of your monthly business costs?  It’s hard to focus on improving communication for local and remote offices when you’re hit with big phone bills!  IP-PBX systems are a perfect solution to reduce that monthly or quarterly cost. Make the change and enjoy little to no repairs and low cost calls & phone lines; In addition, you can connect your remote users and branch offices through Internet – making ‘internal’ calls free of charge.

Growing Pains
A growing organisation has one major concern in terms of telecom’s; scalability. If restrictions in your phone system are limiting the ways you can connect to your staff, customers and suppliers – due to platform restrictions, or costs – then it’s time to look for a more flexible solution. One of the best advantages of an IP-PBX system is the opportunity for extremely cost-efficient and quick scalability, so your phone system can grow and change along with your business.

Poor Connections with Colleagues
Business pressures are making it important to enable staff in your company to talk with each other and share ideas and innovation – even if they don’t work at the same office or for the same Department. If your current phone system and its costs, make it difficult for your staff to connect with each other, then that’s a barrier toward making improvements in your business. An IP-PBX will allow easy and low cost connection between staff, as well as groups – through either a phone call, or a video conferencing connection. The introduction of app’s to show ‘presence’, and to change the way calls get to you, also make it easy to keep in touch when you are on the road.

If it’s your phone system that dictates the way that you handle calls to and from your staff, customers and suppliers, then you need to look at a modern IP-PBX – like 3CX. 3CX will allow your business to connect in ways that benefit your organisation, and in ways determined by you – not by some phone system manufacturer …

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