Recently, a customer asked us to provide a reliable and unbreakable internet connection using 4G mobile data, in addition to their ‘traditional’ land-line delivered broadband.

Two factors affected this need for change:

(1) We had an ongoing issue with a major ISP partner in 2021. They came under prolonged and intense Denial of Service attacks which – for a few weeks – made their Internet service slow and at times, unusable.

(2) Foxhall have been able to reduce the rental cost of broadband for our customers by using a new Internet service called ‘Single order Generic Ethernet Access’ (SoGEA). SoGEA no longer needs an analogue line from the local street cabinet back to the BT Exchange; instead, it uses a fibre optic connection to the street cabinet, and a copper line pair from the cabinet out to the premises – to deliver the broadband service.

How did Foxhall Solutions deliver unbreakable Internet?

SoGEA broadband costs less, due to no exchange line rental; and – a SIM-only deal for a 4G card is pretty close to a line rental. Our customer took advantage of this by upgrading to a new model Draytek router able to use a 4G mobile SIM card. That meant we could provide two reliable Internet connections – able to switch from land-line SoGEA across to 4G mobile data on the O2 network. That would happen automatically if the SoGEA service was either lost or unplugged due to service issues.

Foxhall used a V2865 router from our long-term partner Draytek. Foxhall has been installing Draytek routers since 2005 and they have always given reliable Internet connection and long service life.

unbreakable-internetThe V2865 and V2866 can accept one or two 4G SIM cards, and have separate antennas (black) for the mobile data service. These routers also provide local 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi (white antennas) as well as the comprehensive firewall facilities this customer needed for PCI compliance with Barclays Internet Banking.

We chose a third-party mobile SIM provider (O2) based on good area coverage and pricing to suit our customer’s location. The router is configured to have the SIM in a ‘standby’ (or ‘Failover’) mode. That means the 4G SIM card will become operational within seconds of the SoGEA broadband service disconnecting – to restore a fully functioning Internet connection for our customer’s Cloud CRM, accounting, e-mail and VoIP phone services.

How can we get unbreakable Internet for you?

We can take a look at your current broadband solution, IT equipment, business processes, and premises and recommend the most reliable ‘primary’ broadband service for your office, as well as the best coverage network for 4G failover. We can also discuss different and/or better ways to use those services that need reliable Internet access (see our Microsoft 365 skills).

How do you contact us?

That’s simple. Drop us an email or call us on 01787 228 042 to arrange a consultation