Foxhall Solutions are pleased to have been chosen ahead of BT, to fulfil the install of a VoIP phone system for Plant Parts in March 2019, and provide them with a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to keep in touch with their UK and International customers & suppliers.

Plant Parts were advised of BT’s ‘ISDN switch-off’ mid-2018, and BT proposed their own ‘Cloud Voice’ ‘Hosted VoIP’ solution as a replacement, connecting 25 VoIP telephone extensions through broadband into their own Cloud server. BT’s installation of this system took place at Plant Parts in September 2018.

Although the installation of the BT system was swift, and initial teething problems were resolved, several issues remained with BT unable to resolve two key problems; Caller ID showed the Direct Dial number [DDI] of the extension on some overseas calls (rather than the preferred business number), and there was an intermittent loss of calls – particularly during call transfer. Plant Parts found it difficult to get access to BT’s specialist ‘Cloud Voice’ team to talk about resolving these problems.

BT reported that the faults were associated with Plant Parts’ firewall but couldn’t suggest an economical solution. At that point, Foxhall Solutions were asked to demonstrate a Yeastar S-Series VoIP system – specifically showing that we could meet those ‘outstanding’ requirements as well as the day to day telephony needs of this Global company. A small S20 system was set-up and connected to a SIP Trunk service (through the firewall), and over a couple of hours, we were able to show that we could easily solve all the issues that had been raised by BT’s install. Foxhall was happy to receive Plant Parts’ order in February 2019 and the configuration of the Yeastar S20 ‘demo’ system was used as the basis for the full install onto a Yeastar S50 appliance.

In March 2019, Foxhall installed a VoIP phone system which included a ‘Hot-Standby’ facility that enables a ‘spare’ Yeastar S50 IP-PBX to take over within 2 seconds of the main S50 unit failing. Foxhall connected 19 Yealink T42 and T46 desk-phones, and six [rugged] Gigaset DECT cordless handsets – and created call-flow into specific business units and personnel for 11 Direct Dial Inward (DDI) numbers. A line and broadband service was provided through our partner ‘VoIP-Unlimited’, and SIP Trunk services connected from ‘iHub’. DDI numbers hosted by BT were ‘ported’ to the iHub platform to maintain Plant Parts’ published phone numbers. Plant Parts will receive a clear itemised monthly invoice covering the broadband, SIP Trunk and call minutes they are using – and will be able to take advantage of the other Yeastar app’s (e.g. call recording), available on the system at no additional rental costs.

There was very little disruption at the user end, as it involved a simple change-over of the phones on each desk after 4:00 pm on a Friday afternoon. With call diverts in place, Plant Parts were able to use the new system immediately to take advantage of all the system features, while waiting for their number porting to complete.

Plant Parts – based in Hadleigh, Suffolk – are an Award winning and leading independent European specialist, providing new and refurbished parts for heavy construction equipment. Plant Parts have achieved the rare feat of winning a ‘Queens Award for Enterprise’ three years running.

At Foxhall Solutions, we consider getting dial-tone onto the desk, as only the starting point to build a solution for you. Use our Contact page to call or e-mail us with any questions about the future ISDN switch-off, and ways that VoIP can help your business reduce costs and become more effective in communicating with your customers and suppliers …